O Sanam Guitar Chords – Lucky Ali

O Sanam Guitar Chords with strumming patterm sang by Lucky Ali.

The Strumming Pattern : D DU UD DU UDUDU


[G]Sham sav[Am]area teri, [G]yadain aati [Am]hain
[G]Aaake ke d[Am]il ko mere, [G]Yoon tadpati [D]hain
[C]O sa[D]nam mo[C]hoobaat ka[D]sam [G]Hm….

[G]Milke bic[Am]hadena tho [G]Dastoor ho g[Am]aya
[G]Yahoon main [Am]teri main jo [G]Door ho g[D]aya
[C]O Sa[D]nam in [C]yadoon ki ka[D]sam [G]Hm….


[G]Samjhe jamana ki [D]dil hai khilona
[C]Jana hai ab kaya hai [D]dil ka lagana
[Am]Nazron se na ab [D]hum ko churana
[C]Mar bhi gayea tho [D]bhool na jaana [G]Hmm…

[G]Akhon main [Am]basi ho par [G]door ho k[Am]ahin
[G]Dil ke k[Am]areeb ho yeah m[G]ujh ko hai ya[D]keen
[C]O sa[D]nam terea [C]payaar ki ka[D]sam [G]Hmm…


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