Tum Ho To Guitar Chords – Rock On

Tum Ho Toh Guitar Chords with strumming pattern from the Bollywood Hindi movie Rock On sung by Farhan Aktar.

Strumming Pattern : DD DUDU

Intro: [C] [Dm] [G] [C]

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Tum Ho [C]Toh Gaata Hai [Am]Dil [C],
Tum Na[Dm]hi Toh Geet Ka[G]ha
Tum Ho [C]Toh Hai Sab Haa[Am]sil [C],
Tum Na[Dm]hi Toh Kya Hai Ya[G]ha

[F]Tum Ho Toh Hai
Sapa[Dm]no Ke Jaisa Ha[G]sin
Ik Sa[Am]ma [C]

Jo [G]Tum Ho Toh, Yeh [Dm]Lagata Hai,
Ke [F]Mil Gayi [Dm]Har Khushi

Jo [G]Tum Na Ho, Yeh [Dm]Lagata Hai,
Ke [F]Har Khushi Me [Dm]Hai Kami

[G]Tum Ko Hai Maangati…
Yeh Jinda[C]giiii[Am]iiiii[Dm]iiii…… [C]

Tum Hi [C]Toh Raahein Bhi [Am]Hai [C],
Tum Na[Dm]hi Toh Raste Ka[G]ha
Tum Ho [C]Toh Yahaan Sab Hi [Am]Hai [C],
Tum Na[Dm]hi Toh Kaun Ya[G]ha

[F]Tum Ho Toh Hai
Har [Dm]Ek Pal Meherbaan
Yeh Ja[Am]ha [C]

Jo [G]Tum Ho Toh [Dm]Hawa Mein Bhi Mo
[F]habbato Ka [Dm]Rang Hai

Jo [G]Tum Na Ho Toh [Dm]Phir Koyi Na
[F]Josh Na U[Dm]mang Hai

[G]Tum Mile Toh Mili
Yeh Jinda[C]giiii[Am]iiiii[Dm]iiii…… [C]

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