While My Guitar Gently Weeps The Beatles Guitar Chords

Song-While My Guitar Gently Weeps(1968)
Artist,Lyrics & Music- The Beatles(Ft. Eric Clapton)

Piano Intro: (Am).. (Am7).. (D/F#).. (F).. (Am).. (G).. (D).. (E)

(Am)I look at you (Am7)all see the (D/F#)love there that’s (F)sleeping
(Am)While my gui(G)tar gently (D)weeps..(E)
(Am)I look at the (Am7)floor and I (D/F#)see it needs (F)sweeping
(Am)Still my gui(G)tar gently (C)weeps..(E)

(A)I don’t know (AM7)why (F#m) nobody (C#m)told you
(Bm)how to unfold your (E)love
(A)I don’t know (AM7)how (F#m) someone con(C#m)trolled you
(Bm)They bought and sold (E)you
rest of the song is same.


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