Gin Smoke Lies Chords by Turnpike Troubadours

     G                                         F
Well in the early autumn wind a lonely dove is flyin'
G                                           D          G
Mournin' for his one true love, he can't be blamed for cryin'
   G        D          G
He can't be blamed for cryin'

         G                                            F
Well the rooster, he got 20 gals, bet he's happy as a lark
        G                                          D      G
Well he wake em in the mornin' time, put em all to bed at dark
       G      D      G
Put em all to bed at dark

Well if you been true, well if you been true
You better look me in the eyes
Well all I smell is cheap perfume 
    G       F         G
And Gin and smoke and lies

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