Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton Guitar Chords

Song: Wonderful Tonight
Singer: Eric Clapton


[G]It’s late in the [D]evening
[C]She’s wondering what [D]clothes to wear
[G]She puts on her [D]make-up
[C]And brushes her [D]long blond hair

[C]And then she’d [D]ask me 
[G]Do I look [Em]alright?
And I say [C]yes
You look [D]wonderful [G]tonight


[G]We’d go to a [D]party
[C]And everyone [D]turns to see
[G]This beautiful [D]lady
[C]That’s walking [D]around with me

[C]And then she’d [D]ask me 
[G]Do you feel [Em]alright?
And I’d say [C]yes
I feel [D]wonderful [G]tonight

I feel [C]wonderful [D]because
I see the [G]lovelight in your [Em]eyes
And the [C]wonder of it [D]all
Is that you [C]just don’t rea[D]lise
How much I [G]love you


[G]It’s time to go [D]home now
[C]And I’ve got an aching [D]head
[G]So I give her the [D]car keys
[C]And she helps me to [D]bed

[C]And then I [D]tell her
[G]As I turn out the [Em]light
I say my [C]darling
You are [D]wonderful [G]tonight
O My [C]darling
You are [D]wonderful [G]tonight


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