Alive Chords by Krewella

Verse 1:
[F#m] Let’s make this fleeting [E] moment last forever[A] 
[E] So tell me what you’re waiting for
[F#m] I’m gonna keep it frozen [E] here forever [A] 
[E] There’s no regretting anymore

[F#m] Its worth to wait,[E]  even so far away
[A] I’m making the night mine until[D]  the day I die [E] 
[F#m] No lights to brake [E] when you’re hanging by faith
[A] You know what it feels like [D] when you’re dancing blind [E] 

[F#m] All alone, just a [E] beat inside my soul
[A] Take me home, where my dreams[D]  are made of gold [A] 
[F#m] In the zone where [E] the beat is uncontrolled

[A] I know what it feels like [D]  [E] 
[F#m] Come [A] on[E]  make[D]  me feel alive
[F#m] Feel [A]  [E] alive, feel alive [x3] 
Feel alive, feel alive [Abm]  [D] 


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