Hey Pretty Girl Chords by Kip Moore

Capo on 2 fret

[Verse 1]
(C)Hey pretty girl wont you look my way
Love’s (Am)in the air tonight
(G)Bet you could make this (F)ol’ boys day
(F)Hey pretty girl wont you (G)look my (C)way

[Verse 2]
(C)Hey pretty girl, can I have this dance
And (Am)the next one after that
(G)Gonna make your mine there’s a (F)real good chance
(F)Hey pretty girl, can I (G)have this (C)dance

[Verse 3]
(C)Hey pretty girl, it feels so right
Just (Am)like it’s meant to be
(G)All wrapped up in my (F)arms so tight
(F)Hey pretty girl, it (G)feels so (C)right

(G)Life’s a long and (F)winding (C)ride
Better (Em)have the right one (F)by your (C)side
(G)Happiness don’t (F)drag its (Am)feet
(G)Time moves faster than (F)you (C)think

[Verse 4]
(C)Hey pretty girl, wanna take you home
My (Am)momma’s gonna love you
(G)She’ll make me sleep on the (F)couch, I know
(F)But hey pretty girl, wanna (G)take you(C) home

[Verse 5]
(C)Hey pretty girl, lets build some dreams
A house(Am) on a piece of land
(G)Plant some roots and some (F)apple trees
(F)Hey pretty girl, lets (G)build some (C)dreams

[Play Chorus Part]

[Verse 6]
(C)Hey pretty girl, you did so good
Our (Am)baby’s got your eyes
(G)And a fighters heart like I (F)knew she would
(F)Hey pretty girl, you (G)did so (C)good

[Verse 7]
(C)Hey pretty girl when I see the light
When (Am)it’s my time to go
(G)I’m gonna thank the Lord for a (F)real good life
(F)Pretty little girl and a (G)beautiful (C)wife

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