Khali Salam Dua Guitar Chords – Shortcut Romeo

Song– Khali Salam Dua
Film– Shortcut Romeo
Lyrics– Shabbir Ahmed
Music– Himesh Reshammiya
Singer– Mohit Chauhan
Chords– Slightly RD Burman’ish kind of tune to this song by Himesh.
I’ve given you the easiest version of this song.. enjoy!

(Gbar)Tumse mil ke (C)maine jaana..(Gbar)
(Gbar)Ishq kya mo(C)habbat kya..(Gbar)
(Gbar)Bhool baitha (C)sab kuchh main toh..(Gbar)
(Gbar)Din kya (C)raat kya.. chaahat (Gbar)mein..

(D)Khali sa(G)lam dua mulakat (Em)mein
(Am)Chehre ki rangat (D)badal rahi hai..
..Teri (C)sohbat mein..(D7)Aey..

(D7)Khaali sa(G)laam dua mulaakaat (Em)mein
(Am)Chehare ki rangat (D)badal rahi hai
..Teri (C)sohbat mein..(D7)Aey

(G)Yeh tune (Em)kya kiya..
(G)Yeh tune (Em)kya kiya..
(C)Dooba main dil ki (D7)jannat mein..

(D7)Khali sa(G)laam duaa mulakat (Em)mein
(Am)Chehre ki rangat (D)badal rahi hai..
..Teri (C)sohbat mein..(D7)Aey

(Gbar)Jo khaalipan tha, (Am)Jo soona mann tha
(Em)Woh khil utha hai (Gbar)jaane khuda

(Gbar)Badal raha hai (Am)har ek mausam
(Em)Bechain dil ka (Gbar)jaane khuda
(Gbar)Jaane khu(C)da..(D7)jaane khu(G)da..

(Gbar)Tumse milke (C)maine jaana
(Gbar)Josh kyaa (C)junoon hai kyaa..(Gbar)
(Gbar)Bhool baitha (C)sab kuchh main toh..(Gbar)
(Gbar)Chain kyaa (C)sukoon kyaa.. chaahat (Gbar)mein..

Khali salam dua part repeat
rest is same


0 thoughts on “Khali Salam Dua Guitar Chords – Shortcut Romeo

  • 09/06/2013 at 7:44 AM

    plzz plzzz plzz post the sturm..??? Anyone plzz tell me the sturming pattern.???

  • 10/06/2013 at 4:23 PM

    Strumming that I was playin’ was like this
    DUDDU most of the the upstrokes i was pressing the fret lightly.


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