Dope Chords – Lady Gaga

(C5) (G/B) (G/Bb) (G/B) [x2]
(Cm)It’s (Bb)off, it’s (Ab)on
The (Bb)party’s just (Cm)begun
I (Bb)promise (Ab)this
(Bb)drink is my last (Cm)one
I know that I (Bb/D)fucked up (Ab/Eb)again
Because I lost my only (Fm)friend
God forgive my (Bb)sins
(Cm)Don’t (Bb)leave me, I(Ab)
(Bb) (Cm)Oh I will (Bb)hate (Ab)myself until I die
(Eb)My heart would (Bb)break without you
(Cm)might not (Ab)awake without you
(Eb)Been hurting (Bb)low, from living (Cm)high for so (Ab)long
(Eb)I’m sorry, and(Bb) I love you
(Cm)sing with me, “(Ab)Bell Bottom Blue”
(Eb)I’ll keep (Bb)searching for an answer cause I (Cm)need you more than (Ab)dope
I need you more than (Eb)dope
(Bb)Need you more than (Ab)dope
(Bb)Need you more than (Eb)dope
(Bb)I need you more than (Ab)dope (Ab) (Bb) (Cm)
Rest are same as above

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