What Makes You Beautiful Chords – One Direction

You’re (E)insecure(A)
Don’t know what (B)for
You’re turning (E)heads when you (A)walk through the door(B)
Don’t need make (E)up(A)
To cover up(B)
Being the (E)way that you (A)are is enough(B)
(E)Everyone else(A) in the room(B) can see it
(E)Everyone else(A) but (B)you
Baby you (E)light up my (A)world like nobody(B) else
The way that (E)you flip your (A)hair gets me (B)overwhelmed
But you when (E)smile at the (A)ground it aint hard(B) to tell
You don’t know(E) (A)
(B)You don’t know you’re beautiful
(E)If only (A)you saw what (B)I can see
You’ll understand(E) why I (A)want you so (B)desperately
Right now I’m (E)looking at (A)you and I (B)can’t believe
You don’t know(E) (A)
(B)You don’t know you’re (E)beautiful(A)
But (B)that’s what makes you beautiful
Rest are same as above

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