All Of Me Chords – John Legend

Capo on 1st Fret
Intro: (Em) (C) (G) (D)
(Em)What would I (C)do without your (G)smart mouth
Drawing me in(D), and you kicking me (Em)out
Got my head (C)spinning, (G)no kidding, I (D)can’t pin you (Em)down
What’s going (C)on in that beautiful (G)mind
I’m on your (D)magical mystery (Em)ride
(Em)And I’m (C)so dizzy, don’t (G)know what hit me, (D)but I’ll be (Am)alright
My head’s underwater
(G)But I’m breathing (D)fire
(Am)You’re crazy and I’m (G)out of my (D)mind
Cause (G)all of me
Loves (Em)all of you
Love your (Am)curves and all your edges
All your (C)perfect imperfections(D)
Give your (G)all to me
I’ll give (Em)my all to you
You’re my (Am)end and my beginning
Even when (C)I lose I’m winning(D)
Cause I give you (Em)all(C) of me(G) (D)
And you give me (Em)all of(C) you, oh(G) (D)
Rest song are same as above.

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