Pashmina Chords – Fitoor


Strumming Pattern: DD – UU – DUD

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(A#)Pashmina dhaagon ke (Dm)sang
Ko(G)i aaj, bune khwaab(Am), aise (A#)kaise
(A#)Waadi mein gunje (Dm)kahi
Naye (G)saaz, yeh rawaab(Am), aise(A#) kaise

Pashmina dhaagon ke(Dm) sang

Kaliyon ne badle (F)abhi ye (Am)mizaaj
(C)Ehsaas, aise (A#)kaise
Palko ne khole (F)abhi, naye(Am) raaz
(C)Jazbaat, aise (A#)kaise

Kacchi(Dm) hawa kacha dhuaa (A#)ghul raha
Kaccha (F)sa dil lamhein naye choon(C) raha
Kacchi (Dm)si dhoop kacchi dagar(A#) phisal rahi
Koi (F)khada chupke se keh (C)raha

Main(Dm) saaya banun, tere pichhe(G) chalun
(F)Chalta rahoon……(G)

Rest are same as above

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