Body Say Chords – Demi Lovato

Body Say Chords by Demi Lovato

Capo on : 1st Fret

Intro: (Em) (G/B) (C)

If I (Em) had it (G/B) my way (C) , I would take you down
If I (Em) had it (G/B) my way (C), I would turn you out
And if my (Em) body ha(G/B)d a sa(C)y, I would come again
Scared of (Em) what I (G/B) might (C) say, cause I’m at the (D) edge

And our (Em) eyes are (G/B) cross(C)ing paths across the room
There’s (Em) only on(G/B)e thin(C)g left for us to d(D)o

You can touch me wit(C)h slow (D) hands
(G) Speed it up,(Em) baby, make me sweat
(C) Drea(D)mland, ta(G)ke me there c(Em)ause I want your sex
If my (C) body had a sa(D)y, I wouldn’t turn away
(G) Touch, make (Em) love, taste you
If my (C) body told the (D) truth, baby I would do
(G) Just what I (Em) want to

If I (Em) had it (G/B) my wa(C)y, I would take the lead
And if I (Em) had it (G/B) my way (C), I would take you d(D)eep


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