Love You Zindagi Guitar Chords – Dear Zindagi


Love You Zindagi Guitar Chords with strumming pattern from Hindi movie Dear Zindagi sung by Jasleen Kaur Royal and Amit Trivedi.

Strumming Pattern: DDD DUDUD D

Capo on – 1st fret.
For beginners you can play it without capo on same chords.

(D) Ooohooo Ooohooo
(Bm) Oohoooo Ooohooo
(G) Ooohooo Ooohooo
(D) Oohoooo Ooohooo

Jo dil se la(D)geyyyyy.(Bm)
Usse ke(G)h do hi, hi, hi (Bm) (Usse keh do hi, hi, hi)
Jo d(D)il na lagey.(Bm)
Usse (G) keh do bye, bye, bye (Bm) (Usse keh do bye, bye, bye)

Aane (D) do, aane do
Dil mei(G)n aa jaane do
Kehdo (Bm) muskurahat ko
Hi, (A) hi, hi, hi

Jaane (D) do, jaane do
Dil se (G) chale jaane do
Keh do (Bm) ghabrahat ko
Bye, (A) bye, bye, bye, bye-bye

Love you zinda(D)gi (A).
Love you zind(Bm)agi.(G)
Love you zind(D)agi.(A)
Love me zind(Bm)agi.(G)

(D) Ohh Ohh Ohhoo
(A) Ohh Ohh Oho Oho
(Bm) Ohh Ohh Ohhoo
(G) Ohh Ohh Oho Oho

(D) Kabhi hath pakad ke (Bm) tu mera



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