Bibia Be Ye Ye Guitar Chords – Ed Sheeran


Bibia Be Ye Ye Guitar Chords sung by Ed Sheeran from album name Divide.


(G) (Am) (C) (D) [X2]


Bibiya be ye ye

(G) (Am) (C) (D) [X2]

(G)I lost my shoes(Am) last night
(C)I don’t know whe(D)re I put my (G)keys (Am)
I was tired(C) and fell asleep(D) beneath an oak (G)tree (Am)
I bet my mo(C)ther’s proud of me (D)from each (G)scar upon my (Am)knuckle
And each (C)graze upon my (D)knee, and all I(G) know(Am) is
I got a ca(C)b and then th(D)rew up on his (G)car seat(Am)
He kicked me(C) out and then I w(D)alked in the (G)rain (Am)
I tell my(C)self in every (D)way I won’t be do(G)ing this again(Am)
And tomo(C)rrow’s a (D)brand new (G)day


(G)Someone told (Am)me, (C)always sa(D)y what’s on your (G)mind
And I am (Am)only, being(C) honest(D) with you(G), I I get (Am)lonely
And (C)make mistakes(D) from time to time(G)
Se en(Am)ioma enko ye (if thing’s aren’t working out)
(C)Bibia Be (D)Ye (G)Ye (everything will be alright)(Am) (C) (D)
Bibia Be Ye Ye(G), Ye Ye(Am), Ye Ye(C) Ye
Bi(D)bia Be Ye (G)Ye


(C)Wo nooma maa(D)aa ye
Bibia Be Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye
Wo nooma(G) (Be(Am) Ye Ye)
(C)Wo nooma maa(D)aa ye
Wo nooma(G) (Be(Am) Ye Ye)
(C)Wo nooma maa(D)aa ye


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