Tera Hoke Rahoon Chords – Behen Hogi Teri


Tera Hoke Rahoon guitar chords with strumming pattern from Hindi movie Behen Hogi Teri sung by Arijit Singh.

Strumming Pattern : D DUDU

Intro: (Am) (G) (C) (F)

(Am)Chaahe de yaara (G)khushiyan
(Em)Ho jaaye (F)ab main se (Am) hum
(Am)Dil mein tu (G)jagah de
Yeh (Em)faaslon ko (F)karde tu (Am)kam

(F)Maangi maangi duaa maangi hai
(F)Bas yehi duaa maangi hai
Main (G)din-ba-din tujhme (Am)rahun (Dm)Ho
(F)Uff tak na (G)yaara (Am)karun (Em)ho

(Dm)Tera (Em)hoke (F)rahoon haan (G)rahoon
(Am)Tera (Em)hoke (F)rahoon (G)o
(C)Tera hoke (G)rahoon haan (F)rahoon (G)
(Dm)Tera (Em)hoke (F)rahoon

(Am) (G) (F) (Am)
(F) (Dm) (G) (Am)

(Am)Barso se chaaha hai (G)jo



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