Manwa Guitar Chords – October

Manwa guitar chords with strumming pattern from Bollywood Hindi movie October sung by Sunidhi Chauhan.

Strumming Pattern: D UUD UUD

(A)Manwaa ruaan sa
(A)Bekal hawaa sa

(A)Manwaa ruaan sa
(A)Bekal hawaa sa
(A)Jalta jiyara
(A)Chubhti biraha
(A)Sajanwa aaja
(E)Naina ro ro (A)thake
(D)Sajanwa aaja
(E)Naina ro ro (A)thake
(A)Manwaa ruaan sa

Music Part: (A)

(A)Dheeme dheeme (D)chale, kaho na koi raat (A)se
Haule haule (D)dhale, kaho na mere (A)chaand se

Music Part: (A) (D) (A)

Soyi (D)ek kahaani roothi (A)khwab se
(A)Jaagi jaagi (D)aas sayani, ladi (A)saans se

(D)Sanware, (A)sanware
(D)Yaad mein (A)baaware
(D)Naina ro ro (A)thake

(A)Manwaa ruaan (D)sa
(A)Bekal hawaa (D)sa
(A)Jalta jiyara, chubhti (D)biraha
(A)Jalta jiyara, chu(E)bhti (A)biraha
(D)Sajanwa (E)aaja
(E)Naina ro ro (A)thake
(D)Sajanwa (A)aaja (E)
(E)Naina ro ro (A)thake

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