Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Guitar Picks

Not a lot of people pay heed to buying a good guitar pick and consider it as a petty accessory. But if you are guitarist and know the importance of a good guitar pick, this blog will be useful to you. Guitar picks affect the way you play the guitar, and it is even more important for those who are learners and beginners. In this article we will tell you about everything you need to know before buying a guitar pick for yourself. Not only will we give you the details of the different kinds of guitar picks but also tell you about the tones and sounds produced by each kind of pick. You might not have realized it so far but your guitar pick creates the difference in the sound quality and tone and it varies depending on the quality of the pick.

Size Of Guitar Picks

There are basically three kinds of guitar picks – thin, medium and thick. The kind of guitar pick you choose will be your individual choice depending on the kind of sound quality you are expecting. There is a preconceived notion that the lighter is the weight of the pick the easier it is to strike the chord. There is also a notion that guitarists prefer thicker pick because it is not frigid and helps to strum with a unique feel. But it is not entirely true! The difference in thickness produces different sounds. The thicker is the pick it will produce a more warmer and resonating sound while a thin pick will produce a lighter noise.

Variety In Picks

  • Celluloid: If you use a celluloid pick, there are chances of you feeling less weight of the pick while strumming but it also wears and tears very easily. Further, it is more useful for those who like neutral tones to be played, and not for those who prefer warmer tones.
  • Metal: Metal guitar picks produce a different kind of sound compared to celluloid picks. The sound created by it is more light, brighter and stands to be better than a celluloid pick. However, because of its thickness and sturdiness there might be chance that the strings of your guitar could wear out or break easily if you are hard with it.
  • Glass: Glass guitar picks are not too popular when compared with celluloid or metal picks. They however give an aesthetically nice feel about them. However, if you are a beginner we suggest you should not use them. However, if you want to play flat picking it can work great for you. They have limited flexibility and can make it difficult for you to strum easily.
  • Wood: Wood guitar picks are thicker compared to the others but they are still very popular among guitarist. Alike a glass guitar pick, their flexibility is also limited. They help to produce a rich and vibrant tone and the sound quality is a lot better as compared to celluloid pick. However, because of their thickness they can be slightly difficult to play with.

There is a lot to a guitar pick but if you are already planning to order one anytime soon this guide will be helpful for you. Experimenting with different kinds of guitar picks can be a great experience for a beginner. You can feel the difference when strumming with them and also make out the difference in sound it produces with it. The feeling can be incredible! There is so much a guitar is capable of doing and if you stick to a good guitar pick that can give you the right kind of comfort when playing with it, it will help you produce the kind of sound you are expecting with it. Moreover, your guitar will also be in good condition considering the quality of the pick.

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