Kalank Chords – Arijit Singh


Title track Kalank Guitar Chords with strumming pattern from Bollywood Hindi movie Kalank sung by Arijit Singh.

Strumming Pattern: D DU D DU

[Bb]Hawaon mein ba[Eb]henge
Ghaton mein ra[Gbmaj7]henge
Tu barkha [Gm]meri
Main [Gb]tera badal pi[Eb]ya

Jo tere na hu[Ebmaj7]ye to
Kisi ke na ra[Gbmaj7]henge
Deewani tu [Gm]meri
Main [Gb]tera pagal pi[Eb]ya

Hazaron mein [Gm]kisi [Eb]ko
Takdir [Gm]ai[Bb]si mili hai
Ek [Gm]ran[Eb]jha aur heer [Gb]jai[Bb]si

Na jaane ye ja[Eb]mana
Kyun chaahe ye mi[Gb]taana
Kalank na[Gm]hi ishq [Gb]hai
kajal pi[Eb]ya
Kalank na[Gm]hi ishq [Gb]hai
kajal pi[Eb]ya

Main [Cm]tera main tera main [F]tera main
[Gm]tera main [Eb]tera main tera
Mu[Cm]safir main bhatka
tu [F]mera main [Gm]tera o o main [Eb]tera

Tu [Cm]jugnu chamkta
Main [F]jungle ghanera main
[Gm]tera aa [Eb]aa [Cm] ho o o o [F]o

Main [Gm]tera main tera main
[Eb]tera main tera ho o [Cm]o o o [F]o
o [Gm]o o ho o o [Eb]o ho o o [Cm]o
Ho o [F]o o o [Gm]o o o o [Eb]o


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    Thanks for sharing the post. The way you narrated the post is good and understandable. Keep posting. Please let me know for the upcoming posts.


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