A Whole New World Chords – Aladdin

A Whole New World Guitar Chords easy lessons no capo needed. Sung by ZAYN & Zhavia Ward from album Aladdin.

[Verse 1: ZAYN]
[A] I can show you the world shining, [D]shimmering, [Gbm]splen[E]did
[D]Tell me, [Db]princess, now [Gbm]when did you last
[D]let your heart de[A]cide?
I can open your eyes, take you [D]wonder by [Dm]won[E]der
[B]Over, [Db]sideways, and [Gbm]under [A]on
a [D]magic carpet [A]ride

[Chorus: ZAYN & Zhavia Ward]
A whole new [E]world[A], a new fan[E]tastic point of view[A]
No one to [D]tell us “[A]no,” or [D]where to [A]go
Or [Gbm]say we’re [B7]only [E]dreaming
A whole new world[A], a dazzling [E]place I ne[Fm]ver k[Gbm]new
[A]But when I’m [D]way up [A]here, it’s [D]crystal [A]clear
That [Gbm]now I’m [B]in a who[G]le new [E]world with you
[A]Now I’m in a whole new world with [C]you

[Verse 2: Zhavia Ward]
Unbelie[F]vable [C]sights, indes[F]cribable [Am]fee[G]ling
[Dm]Soaring, [E]tumbling, free[Am]wheeling
[G]Through an [F]endless diamond [C]sky

[Chorus: Zhavia Ward, ZAYN, & Both]
A whole new [G]world (Don’t you dare [C]close your eyes)
A hundred [G]thousand things to [C]see (Hold your breath; it gets better)
I’m like a [F]shooting [C]star, I’ve [F]come so [C]far
I [Am]can’t go [D]back to [G]where I used to be
A whole new world[C], with new ho[G]rizons [Ab]to pur[Am]sue
[A]I’ll chase them [F]anywhe[C]re, there’s [F]time to s[C]pare
[Am]Let me [D7]share this [Bb]whole new [G]world [Ab]with you

[Instrumental Bridge]
[Db] [Eb]
[Bbm] [C] [Fm] [Eb]

[Chorus: Zhavia Ward, ZAYN, & Both]
A whole new [Ab7]world (A whole new [Db]world)
A new fan[Ab]tastic point of [Db]view
No one to [Gb]tell us “[Db]no,” or [Gb]where to [Db]go
Or [Bbm]say we’re [Eb7]only drea[Ab]ming
A whole new world (Every turn, a sur[Db]prise)
With new ho[Ab]rizons [A]to pur[Bbm]sue (Every moment, red-letter)
[Db]I’ll chase them [Gb]anywhere[Db], there’s [Gb]time to [Db]spare
[Gb]Anywhere, [F]ooh, ooh (There’s time to [Bbm]spare)
[Ebm]Let me [Eb]share this [B]whole new [Ab7]world [Bbm]with you
[Eb7] [Ebm]

[Outro: Zhavia Ward, ZAYN, & Both]
A whole new [Fm]world (A whole new [Gbm]world)
That’s where we’ll [Fm]be (That’s where we’ll [Gb]be)
A thrilling [Fm]chase (A wondrous [Ab]place)

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