Listen Before I Go Chords – Billie Eilish

Listen Before I Go Guitar Chords easy lessons sung by Billie Eilish from album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?. Best free online acoustic guitar lessons for beginners.

[Verse 1]
[F]Take me to the rooftop
[E7]I wanna see the world when I stop[Am7] breathing
Turnin’ [C]blue
[Fmaj7]Tell me love is endless, [E7]don’t be so pretentious
[Am7]Leave me like you [Cmaj7]do (Like you do)

If you [Fmaj7]need me, you wanna [E7]see me
Better [Am7]hurry ’cause I’m leavin’ soo[Am]n

[Fmaj7]Sorry can’t save me no[E7]w
[Am7]Sorry I don’t know how[Cmaj7]
[F]Sorry there’s [Fmaj7]no way [E7]out (Sorry)
But do[Am]wn Hmm, do[C]wn

[Verse 2]
[F]Taste me, the salty tears on [E]my cheek
That’s what a year-long [Am]headache does to [C]you
I’m [F]not okay, I feel so scattered
[E7]Don’t say I’m all that [N.C]matters
Leave me,[Am] déjà [Cmaj7]vu (Hmm)

[C]If you [F]need me,[Fmaj7] wanna [E7]see me
You better [Am7]hurry, I’m leavin’ so[C]on

[F]Sorry can’t save me now [E](Sorry)
[Am]Sorry I don’t know how [C](Sorry)
[Fmaj7]Sorry there’s [F]no way out [E](Sorry)
But do[Am]wn Hmm, [C]down

[Dm]Call my friends and tell them that I [G]love them
And I’ll [C]miss them
But I’m not [F]sorry [Am]
[Dm]Call my friends and tell them that I [G]love them
And I’ll [C]miss them [F]Sorry

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