Game Of Thrones Theme Tabs

Game Of Thrones Theme Tabs ==== PART 1 ==== LINE 1 D|-7——–3-5-7———-3-5-7———-3-5-7———-3-5—- A|—–5—————-5—————5—————-5———— LINE 2 D|-7———4-5-7———-4-5-7———-4-5-7— A|——5—————-5—————5————— ==== PART 2

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Heal The World Guitar Tab – Michael Jackson

Heal The World Guitar Tab sang by Michael Jackson. e|——————————–0———————————–0h-2-0—- B|—————————2-3—-2-0——————–3-2—————– G|——-2—–2-4—-2-4——————–2—–2-4———4————- D|–2-4—-4—————————-2-4—–4—————————— There’s A Place In….. Be Much Brighter

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Seven Nation Army Tab – The White Stripes

Seven Nation Army Guitar Tabs sang by The White Stripes. e|————————————————————————— B|————————————————————————— G|9~~–9-9-9-9/12b–11~—9~~-9-12-14-12–12-12/14-12-11~~ D|————————————————————————— A|————————————————————————— E|————————————————————————— [x2] e|12–12-15-12-12-15b–14~~~—12–12-15-17-15–15-15/17-15-14~~~ B|————————————————————————— G|—————————————————————————

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