Almost Is Never Enough Chords – Ariana Grande

Strumming pattern: D | D | DUD | D |DU

Verse 1: Ariana Grande
(D)I like to say we (Am)gave it a (G)try 
I like to blame (Gm)it all on (D)life
(D)Maybe we (Am)just weren’t right 
But (G)that’s a lie, (Gm)that’s a lie

Bridge 1
And (Bm)we can deny it as (F#)much as we want 
But in (Bm)time our feelings will (E)show
Cause (G)sooner or later We’ll (D)wonder 
why we gave up The (Gm)truth is everyone (A)knows

(D)Almost, (Am)almost is never (G)enough 
(Gm)So close to being in (D)love
(Am)If I would have known that you (G)wanted me 
The way I (Gm)wanted you

Then (Bm)maybe we wouldn’t be (A)two worlds apart 
But (Am)right here in each others (G)arms
And we (D)almost, (Am)we almost knew what (G)love was 
But (Gm)almost is never (D)enough

Verse 2: Nathan Sykes
(D)If I could change the (Am)world overnight 
(G)There’d be no such (Gm)thing as goodbye
(D)You’ll be standing (Am)right where 
you were (G)We’d get the chance we (Gm)deserve

Bridge 2
(Bm)Try to deny it as (F#)much as you want 
But in (Bm)time our feeling will (E)show
Cause (G)sooner or later We’ll (D)wonder why we gave up 
The (Dm)truth is everyone (A)knows

Play Hook Part again
————wanted you

Then maybe———————
——————-never enough

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