Baby I Chords – Ariana Grande

Verse 1:
Ab          F#                       B
Baby I got love for thee so deep inside of me
I don’t know where to start (yeah, yeah)
Ab                       B 
  I love you more than anything
         F#                                 Db
But the words cant even touch what’s in my heart (no, no)

Pre Hook:
     B Db                        Ab
When I try to explain it I be sounding insane 
The words don’t ever come out right
            B                Db
I get all tongue tied (and twisted)
           F#              B
I can’t explain what I’m feeling
And I say baby baby, baby

B    Db                     Ab
Baby I (ooh baby, oh baby, my baby)
Ab           Db       Bbm
Baby I (ooh baby, baby I)
Ebm                             Db        Bbm
All I’m tryna say is you’re my everything baby
But everytime I try to say it
Words they only complicate it
(baby, baby ohohohoh)

Verse 2:
 Ab          F#                     B
Baby I’m so down for you no matter what you do (Real talk)
I’ll be around
     Ab           B
See baby I been feelin’ you
        F#                D            Db
Before even I knew what feelings were about, oh baby

Play Pre-Hook Part

Play Hook Part

Db         Ab         Db
Straight up you got me (all in)
                  Ebm               Ab
How could I not be I sure hope you know 
If it’s even possible
I love you more
Than word Love can say it
      Db                             Ab           B
It’s better not explaining that why I keep saying…

Play Hook Part [x2]
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