8 Basic Guitar Chords Every Beginner Must Learn

Hi Guitar Lovers thanks for coming. The First Thing if you are beginner and want to play guitar then you need to learn these 8 Basic Guitar Chords. Do not worry it’s easy and you will soon learn enough basic guitar chords and start to  play hundreds of songs.

The diagram shown below to understand properly

  • The 6 vertical lines shown are the strings.
  • The horizontal lines shown are the frets.
  • The dots means where to put your fingers.
  • The cross(X) means don’t play that string.
  • The circle(o) means play that string but don’t put fingers on it.

Chord Fingering Position:

  • 1 = Index Finger
  • 2 = Middle Finger
  • 3 = Ring Finger
  • 4 = Little Finger (Pinky)

guitar chords for beginners

Check Out All The Chords

D Chord D minor chord

A Chord A minor Chord

E Chord E minor chord

G chord C chord

Hope friends these will help you a lot.

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