How to Remember the Guitar String Name

For every guitar beginner’s it’s very difficult to remember all Strings name. In this lesson we will learn about the names of the open strings, and then learn an acronym so that they will be easier to remember.

NOTE: About 90% people are right handed. For those who are left handed, the strings will be in the same position, but the head of the guitar will be on your right.

There are 6 string named from E to E.
The Thinnest and thickest strings are both named as E. Same name but octave(sound) different.
The second string from top is A. The second string from bottom is B.
The Middle one D (3rd from Top) and G (3rd from bottom)

These 6 strings groups of three each i.e. 2 groups
The bottom three strings(EBG) with higher frequencies are Known as treble strings
The top three strings(EAD) with lower frequencies are Known as bass strings 

Now, here comes your smartness and creative mind. How can you imagine these lattes something into pictorial form to remember these strings.
To remember the string names (EADGBE) make a silly acronym.
Here are a couple of acronyms, if you know other ones, than leave it as a comment at the bottom of the post to help others.

  1. Every Alternate Day Go Bed Early
  2. Every Ant Does Good Bad everyday
  3. Eat All Delicious Green Beans everyday
  4. Eat All Day Get Big Easy
  5. Elephants And Donkeys Grow Big Ears
  6. Earn A Degree Get Better Employment

Note: We Rember String Name as – EADGBE
But when we write any songs tab it should be in this form EBGDAE
E|—– (the thinnest)
E|—– (the thickest)
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