Dancing Queen – ABBA Guitar Chords

One of the best song from the Disco Genre..here are the correct chords
(E)You can dance, (C#)you can jive, (F#m)having the time of your (B7)life
(D)See that girl, (Bm)watch that scene, diggin’ the (A)Dancing Queen..(D)..(A)..(D)

(A)Friday night and the lights are low..(D)
(A)Looking out for the place to (F#m)go
(E)Where they play the right (A)music,
(E)getting in the (A)swing You come in to (F#m)look for a King..(E)..(F#m)

(A)Anybody could be that (D)guy
(A)Night is young and the music’s (F#m)high
(E)With a bit of rock (A)music,
(E)everything is (A)fine You’re in the (F#m)mood for a dance..(E)..(F#m)

(F#m)And when you (Bm)get the chance..(E)
(E7)You are the (A)Dancing Queen, (D)young and sweet, only (A)seventeen..(D)
(A)Dancing Queen, (D)feel the beat from the (AM7)tambourine..(Bm7)..(A)

rest is same

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