Tonight I Want To Cry Chords by Keith Urban

Song: Tonight I Wanna Cry
Artist: Keith Urban
Album: Be Here

Intro: G – G/B – Cadd9  (2x)

[G]Alone in this h[G/B]ouse again ton[Cadd9]ight
I got the TV o[G]n, the sound turned d[G/B]own and a bottle of w[Cadd9]ine
There’s pictures of y[Em7]ou and I on the wa[Bm]lls around me
The w[Em7]ay that it was and could have b[Bm]een surrounds me
I’ll n[Am7]ever get over you walkin’ [Cmaj7]away[D]

[Em]I’ve never b[Cadd9]een the kind to ev[G]er let my feel[D]ings show
[Em]And I thought that b[Cadd9]ein’ strong meant ne[G]ver losin’ your s[D]elf-control
But I’m just drunk e[Cmaj7]nough to let go of my p[Bm]ain
To hell with my p[Cmaj7]ride, let it fall like r[Bm]ain
From my ey[Am7]es
[C]Tonight I wanna c[G]ry  [G/B]   [Cadd9]

[G]Would it help if I t[G/B]urned a sad son[Cadd9]g on
“All By My[G]self” would sure hit me [G/B]hard now that you’re g[Cadd9]one
Or maybe un[Em7]fold some old yellow [Bm]lost love letters
It’s [Em7]gonna hurt bad before it[Bm] gets better
But I’ll [Am7]never get over you by hidin’ this[Cmaj7] way [D]
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