Clarity Chords by Zedd Ft Foxes

Capo on 6th fret

(Am)High dive into (C)frozen waves
where the (G)past comes back(F) to life
(Am)Fight fear for the (C)selfish pain
And it’s(G) worth it every (F)time
(Am)Hold still right (C)before we crash
Cause we (G)both know how this(F) ends
(Am)our clock ticks till it (C)breaks your glass
And I (G)drown in you (F)again

(Am)Cause you are the (C)piece of me
(G)I wish I (F)didn’t need
(Am)Chasing (C)relentlessly
(G)Still fight and I (F)don’t know why

(F)If our(C) love is (Am)tragedy why are(G) you (F)my remedy
(F)If our(C) love’s (Am)insanity why are(G) you my(F) clarity
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