Diana Chords – One Direction

Strumming Pattern: DDU
For Slower Version: DDUUD
Intro: (D) (Bm) (A)
[Verse 1]
The (D)front pages are your pictures
(A)They make you look so small
(Bm)How could someone not miss you at (A)all?
(D)I never would mistreat ya
(A)Oh I’m not a criminal
(Bm)I speak a different language but 
(D)I still hear your (A)call
(D)Diana, let me be the one to 
(A)Light a fire inside those eyes
(G)You’ve been lonely, you don’t even know me
(D)But I can feel you (A)crying
(D)Diana, let me be the one to 
(A)Lift your heart up and save your life
(Bm)I dont think you even realize 
(D)Baby you’ll be saving (G)mine  (A)  Diana
[Verse 2]
(D)Its only been four months but
(A)You’ve fallen down so far
(Bm)How could (D)someone mislead you at (A)all
(D)I wanna reach out for you
(A)I wanna break these walls
[ Play Pre-Chorus Again]
[Play Chorus Again]
We (Bm)all need something..(A)
This (Bm)can’t be over (A)now
If (Bm)I could hold you
(A)Swear Id never (Bm)put you (A)down
[Play Chorus Again]
(Bm) Diana
(G) Baby you’d be saving mine,
(D) Oh-ah-oh
(Bm) Diana
(G)Baby youd be saving mine
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