Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Chords – Logic


Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Guitar Chords easy lesson without capo sung by Logic.


[Cm] I can’t get no [Dm]better, can’t get no more cheddar
I feel like a king and my queen is Coretta
Ibeen made a liv[Bb]in’, I’m never gon’ give in
I’m just way too driven, that’s [C]why I been thinkin’

I’m scared that I’m sinkin’, I’m [Dm]scared that I’m fallin’
The world think I’m ballin’ and maybe I am
But don’t give a [Bb]damn, back in the beginnin’
Did not have a plan, don’t [Cm]know who I am

Or who I’m [Dm]becomin’ but I’ma do me to the fullest, alright
Bustin’ and dodgin’ them bullets all night[Bb]
Take over the world, yeah I’m thinkin’ I might
Got ’em [C]all in my sight

I know that I’m st[Dm]rong, I know that I am I know I’m the man
And whether you poor or you filled with financial [Bb]security
Everyone deal with they own in[Cm]security
Even the preacher was born with im[Am7]purity

Scared to go out even with my [Dm]security
Scared of the world and all of its ob[Bb]scurity
Pray for maturity, hope [C]that I grow
Hope my anxiety [Am]stay on the low

I swear I hope that shit don’t fuck up my [Dm]flow
Where do I go? What [Bb]would you do
If suddenly all of your [Cm]dreams came true?
What would you do if [Am7] you did it all?

If [Dm7]you ain’t never have to lift a finger
Would you [Bb]linger like, “Fuck ’em all”?
Guess it’s your [Cm]call, but I can’t
This a [Am7]marathon, not a sprint

Switch up the [Dm]plan like homie that went from Verizon to [Bb]Sprint
Can you hear me now? Does [Cm]anybody out there feel me now?

[Dm] What’s your name? What’s your game?
Come now, boy, just spit your flow
Feel the [Bb]pain with the gain, what you
[Cm]tryna say though?

Novo[Am]caine to the brain, I can’t [Dm]feel
nothing no more
In my [Bb]lane, can’t refrain from [Cm]lettin’
these people know

What’s [Dm]your name? What’s your game?
Come now, boy, just spit your flow
Feel the [Bb]pain with the gain, what you [Cm]tryna say though?
Novo[Am]caine to the brain, I can’t feel nothing no more
In my [Bb]lane, can’t refrain from lettin’ [Cm]these people know

[Am] How I feel (How I feel), yeah [Dm]that’s how
I feel (That’s how I feel)
[Bb]Break it down, roll it [C]up, that’s how high
I feel [Am] (That’s how high I feel)
[Dm]How I []feel (How I feel), how high I feel
(How high I feel)
[Bb]Down, roll it [Cm]up, yeah

[Verse 2]
[Am] Searchin’ for bliss only led me to
searchin’ for [Dm]hits
Only led me to battle depression
I done learned my [Bb]lesson ’cause fame never
lessen the [C]pain

What if your life was under a [Am]glass?
And people tried to dig up shit from your [Dm]past
And tell you what’s good and what’s not
And every [Bb]time you drop a song, they say
that it’s [C]wack or it’s hot

And don’t give a damn that it came from the [Dm]heart
They tear it apart like hyenas is here for the dreamers
That’s here for the people that [Bb]know what I’m sayin’
All of the [C]people that know what I’m sayin’

Fuck social [Dm]media
Tellin’ me who I should be and just how I should rap
They always compare, [Bb]they always compare me to others
And try to pit me [C]up against all my [Cm]brothers
Now why you think [N.C]so many rappers be overdosin’ at the crib?

(Overdosin’ at the crib)

‘Cause people just won’t let ’em [Bb]live
And the public is constantly thinkin’ they [C]know ’em
But nobody knowin’ what’s goin’ on [Bb]inside
And they [C]wonder why we all hide, shit

Maybe [Dm]I’m just overthinkin’
Or maybe I’m just over-smokin’ and drinkin’
And when I can’t deal with the [Bb]hate, I self-medicate
Sit in the corner and [C]think of a better day

Maybe this bullet can [Dm]help me to get away
I just cannot seem to think of a better way
Even though I know [Bb]there is, that’s why I keep goin’
That’s why I keep [C]flowin’, that’s why I keep perserverin’

[Dm] Even when I’m hearin’ I’m a bitch, I’m a fag
I’m a motherfuckin’ hypebeast, I ain’t black in the [Bb]slight least
I ain’t good enough, I [C]should quit, I should
kill my[Bb]self (Kill myself)

“‘Cause you’ll [C]never be Kenny”
“You’ll never be better than [Bb]Drizzy or Cole”
“You’re losing your hair, you’re [C]too fucking old,” yeah

[Dm] These are the comments I’m readin’ on Twitter right now
That make me depressed and they pullin’ me [Bb]down
I’m tryin’ to swim but I think I’ma [C]drown
So I’ma turn that feelin’ into a [Dm]sound
And play it when nobody else is around
Whenever I feel like I’m far from the [Bb]ground

God give me the power to battle de[C]pression
Yeah, round after round
I wish I was [Am]famous, I wish I was rich
I wish I could just [Dm]get up out of this bitch

But [C]be [Bb]careful what you wish for [C]
‘Cause it ain’t everything [Dm]that it’s cut out to be
My life is good but not as good as it’s’bout to be
‘Cause I got vision, don’t [Bb]fuck with derision

Ain’t God, but I’m rich and I [C]think that I am
Do what you love and [Dm]do not give a damn
Fuck all the haters you see on the ‘Gram

Just mind your own [Bb]business and be a good man
Be a good boss and [C]be a good friend
Spread your ima[Dm]gination to the millions
Don’t worry ’bout how to maintain all your millions

Just spread that positi[Bb]vity for the children
And all the haters that’s [C]hatin’, just love ’em
‘Cause that’s the only [Dm]way you ever gon’ kill ’em

Know somebody feel ’em
Last but not [Bb]least, put your ego
on the shelf
And[Cm]remember, love yourself [Dm]

Nah, nah, [Bb]nah
Put your[C] ego on the shelf and
love yourself[Dm] Nah, nah, [Dm7]nah

Put your [Cm]ego [Am7]on the shelf
And[Dm] remember, love your, ‘member,
love yourself

[Bb][C][Am][Dm] [Bb] [Cm] [Dm]

Nah, nah, nah
Put your [Bb]ego on the shelf and
love your[C]self Nah, nah, [D]nah


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