Best and Affordable Acoustic Guitar Bag

Buy acoustic guitar bags and case Online at low prices in India. If you are looking for best under budget guitar cover than look no further. True Cult is offering you one of the finest gig’s bags at very cheap price. Let’s look into this product quality.

The guitar bags woven with the highest quality precision that a machine can have. Suited for compassionate guitar players and ambitious performers who care for looks, durability and True Cult ultra-comfort while wearing them on their shoulders. Crafted with Japanese hybrid stitching technique to form a life-long joint and provide the better stowing and handling conditions for the instruments that are souls of music.





The bag is made of 1680 Nylon. This heavy-duty nylon fabric’s abrasion resistance and durable construction make it a top-performing choice for rugged applications like. The stylish and solid construction which will keep your guitar against scratches and dirt.

Fits Most Standard Acoustic Guitars
Generally, adults are comfortable with full size guitars (41inches acoustic guitars). If you are very tall consider a 41inches size guitar.

Backpack Strap with Grip Handle
The guitar case has two soft adjustable shoulder straps for backpack style. It also comes with a side grip handle. It quickly and easily adjusts to fit you and your case.

Foam Padding
The inner part of the bag has a thick padding which holds the guitar in its place and doesn’t move around causing any damage to the strings or the guitar. The padding is stitched using a Japanese hybrid technique.

Zipper Pockets
Large front zippered pockets, for the soft cases usually offer more pocket space to carry things like cables, guitar tuners, books, straps, etc.

Easy to Carry
Highly portable, perfect for carrying your favorite acoustic/classical string instrument anywhere you desire, whether it’s at a jam session, school classroom, your friend’s basement / garage or a beach concert.

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