AeroBand?The Most Portable Guitar & Drum Set Ever

Are you interested in playing musical instruments, like the latest and magical musical instrument, AeroBand?
Connecting over Bluetooth, this portable drum kit lets you play anytime, anywhere. And the great part is that you get to hear the music you make—but no one else does. I suppose that everyone once imitated drum-playing. However, installing a physical drum kit requires large space, the noise is loud, and the threshold of learning is high when playing, so it is quite difficult to start at home. “AeroBand” introduced this time solves such traditional problems for both beginners and veterans.

First is the Pocketdrum. The Bluetooth-enabled sticks can connect wirelessly to your AeroBand App, which gives you access to a CRASH CYMBAL, CLOSED HI-HAT, BASS DRUM, SNARE, and HIGH TOM, ( Cowbell and more Cymbals to come!).

Next is the contents of the Pocketguitar. Pocket guitar body, One charging cable (Micro USB), 1 carrying pouch, Silicon cover with clip, User’s Manual. The body is shaped like a thick guitar pick and is very light. It weighs 8g, a level that almost does not feel heavy. You can hold it just like holding the real thing. The charging port is at the top, and the terminal is also MicroUSB for charging. Besides, the attached silicon case is also perfect. Since it has a clip on the back, it can be fixed by sandwiching it with shoelaces etc., when using it as a drum foot pedal.

In addition to playing the guitar, the pocket guitar can also be attached to the foot to act as a pedal when playing the drums.

Let’s have a look at an equation first.

Hold your smartphone, a nice drum set is displayed on the screen, which is the same as the actual instruments in reality and five instruments can be hit. From left to right, they are the crash cymbal, hi-hat, bass drum, snare drum, and toms respectively. Drums are not the only instruments played with sticks. The bass drum and hi-hat cymbal are operated with the foot pedal. How to operate this, you can attach the separately sold Pocket Guitar to your foot and reproduce the operation of the foot pedal. This Pocketguitar is a device that reproduces the performance of a guitar, so you can also play it with an air guitar. Wear it on your foot when connecting Pocketguitar with AeroBand. The right is recognized as a bass drum, and the left is recognized as a hi-hat cymbal.

With the application “AeroBand”, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you’re able to play the drum anywhere by just connecting Pocketdrum to Bluetooth. Of course, you can play the air drum immediately without any assembly work. It’s convenient to select and play from three modes of “Tutorial/Free/Game” by AeroBand which recognizes the position of hitting drum and the strength of hitting in a three-dimensional space using a dedicated AI chip and a unique space design algorithm. When you shake, the drum sticks will start to vibrate. In this way, it’s simple to enjoy just with the sticks, but you can also use it as a bass drum if the “Pocketguitar” is applied on your foot.

Such a great product, just give it a shoot!

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