The Basic Parts of the Guitar


Wow!!! So you bought a guitar, Congratulation.

Before starting to play the guitar we should know about basic part of the guitar.

Head is the top part of the guitar where the tuning keys are attached.

Tuning keys is the posts in the headpiece to which strings are attached and wound to tune guitar and used to loose and tight the string to perfect tuning of guitar.

Nut is Middle part of Head and neck. This is the tiny bone part at the end of the neck with grooves in it for the strings to lie.

Neck is the long slender part of the guitar attached to the body. The neck contains frets and fret notation.

A fret is the strip like Metal partitions along the neck at specific intervals to mark the location of notes for the guitar strings.

Fingerboard is the Flat piece made usually of ebony glued to the neck, housing the frets

Body is the large parts of the guitar, usually solid or hollow, with and without hole in it.

Pick guard is plastic guard to save the body from fingernail and pick scratches.

Sound hole is the opening in the body of an acoustic guitar usually round or oval hole in the top of the body of the guitar.

Pickup is small magnet wrapped with copper wire to make a coil used to amplify the vibrations of the guitar.

Pickup selector switch is toggle switch allows you to put the sound through one or a combination of the pickups.

Volume/tone controls is the volume switch adjusts the volume of the guitar. The tone control allows you to adjust the treble or bass sounds coming out of the guitar.

Bridge is the large wood and bone structure with holes to hold the strings and the saddle.

Output Jack is the outlet you plug the cord from the guitar to the amplifier.

Cutaway is part of the top of the body usually on the right side, has been cut away to give better access to the higher end of the fingerboard. Most electric guitar players like this type or guitar

Double cutaway means both sides of the guitar on each side of the neck have been cutaway for better access to strings.

Capo is a device which is used to put on a certain fret and is used to hold all strings on a chosen fret to change the tuning of the guitar

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