Best Guitar Amplifier for Beginners in India

Vault Fury 15 Watt Digital Guitar Combo Amplifier

In this post I will share with you about Vault Fury guitar amplifier features in detail. It is a quite versatile and good entry level amplifier.
It features 8 amp simulations, 4 modulation effects and 2 spatial effects. Additionally, the Fury 15 comes equipped with a 36 pattern drum machine allowing you to adjust the drum’s tempo and volume as per your preference.
Now Jam along with your favourite tracks by simply plugging in your MP3 player into the Headphone Jack- practice privately by simply plugging in your headphones whilst to automatically mute the speaker.

The weight of this amplifier is 5.25 kg and dimensions are 31 x 28 x 28 cm. The price is in between 6000-7000.

Modulation and Effects
Vault Fury 15 features eight basic amp models: Jazz Chorus, Clean, Tube Screamer, Blues Drive, Crunch, Lead, Rhythm and Metal. In addition, choose between 4 modulation effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Tremolo and simultaneously use 2 spatial effects: Delay and Reverb.




Aux Input
Vault Fury 15 comes with a built-in AUX Input, which allows you to connect your MP3/CD player, computer, mobile or iPod for audio playback whilst practicing your instruments. Now you can play along with your favorite tracks and get well versed with your music.




Headphones Out
Practice and jam to your favorite tracks without disturbing your neighbors. Use your headphone and automatically mute your speaker.





Drum/Rhythm Patterns
The Vault Fury 15 is loaded with 36 drum patterns to play along with. Choose from different rhythms and styles to play with. Adjust the volume and tempo as per your preference, and play guitar with your favourite beat.

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