How do I improve my guitar skills?

In the journey of almost every guitar enthusiast, a time comes when you feel like your guitar skills are stuck in one place from where you can’t climb up to be better.

This feeling can easily kill your motivation and desires for your goals. It’ll cheer you up to quit your path and move on from your passion. It’ll really suck your soul.

Don’t let it happen with you.

Here I’m gonna show you top 6 ways that’ll make you a better guitar player with time.

1. Start to record yourself: If you don’t have any teacher with you, you should be your own judge. By recording yourself, you can capture your mistakes properly, and by listening to it repeatedly, you can be better by judging yourself. It’s a very good idea that many professionals do.

2. Play the guitar with other people: Playing the guitar with your other people can teach you a lot of things. It’ll improve your overall creativity like how to change your riffs in sudden differences or how to play with different songs and rhythms. Also, it increases your confidence in playing around people. You can send your records to your mates and see what they come up with.

3. Play a style you never tried before: Don’t see guitar lessons as a course or something like that. Learning guitar skills has no boundary at all. You need to explore new things every day. It’s a sign of growth and also it increases creativity as well. So try to explore and combine different styles together to make different riffs of your own. It’s a boredom killer too.

4. Try to make a cover of your favourite songs: Making covers of favourite songs is like turning ‘practice’ into not feeling like practice at all. It’s one of the best ways to challenge your creativity and techniques as well. While making a cover song will actually reveal your limitations and trying to cross that limitation will make you a better player than before. It’s also a very good boredom killer too.

5. Take reviews from other people: For growth, you have to learn to agree with your mistakes. Be confident to share your covers and records in your group or your social media. It’s a very good way to get plenty of honest reviews from different types of persons. The good reviews will be your rewards and the bad one will make you correct your techniques and styles.

6. Maintain a fixed practice time: When it comes to revealing the best version of you as a guitar player, you need to keep it responsibly. The practice of your present time can show the future success of you. A specific and fixed time in a day is very necessary for your growth. So it’ll be better to maintain that.

These 6 tips are chosen from the podcasts and interviews of many guitar professionals around the world.

It’ll be responsible for burning your apathy and make your success chase you if you do it correctly.

So work hard from today and let your success come to your door!

Author Bio:
Billy Boissoneault has been a music enthusiast and professional instrumentalist for the last 20 years based in Edmonton, Canada with having 26,000 lessons taught. He owns a music blog that runs on the name of the Guitar Instructor.  Billy provides guitar training in Edmonton for all ages and abilities both online and offline.

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